Get FREE video tutorials via your local library is the BEST online tutorial service available. They’ve been around since 1995 and offer outstanding video tutorials on software, creative, and business skills. A couple years ago I gave up my monthly subscription to because although it was worth it, I just didn’t have time to view the tutorials and didn’t want to waste my money. A few months ago I had more free time and was searching around for video tutorials and discovered something amazing…

NOW you can get a FREE subscription via your local library. The Pueblo Library is not very large so I was absolutely amazed that it subscribes to What a tremendous service! If you have a Pueblo library card, you are automatically eligible to use

To get started (and probably the easiest way to learn if your library offers this) is to type the following URL into your browser and replace “your librarys URL” with your library’s URL: librarys URL

For instance, Pueblo access is at

Colorado Springs access is at

I can’t say enough good stuff about They’ve helped me develop my business skills, learn new software programs, learn Web design (right now I’m learning how to master WordPress). Whenever my business is a little slow, I fill the time watching video courses. They have over 4,326 of them available.

Want to learn something new? Let your library help you learn from