Behold, I created custom Facebook tabs!

I finally figured out how to customize the tabs on my business’s Facebook business page. This has been a time-consuming process because Facebook fails to behave the way that most of the tutorials say it should. I had a breakthrough today and this was the journey…

This Boostlikes pageHow to Rename Your Tabs on Your Facebook Page” gave me my first clue in a very well-written post. They explained what I could and couldn’t do to customize the tabs. They introduced me to the concept of FB apps and explained that I could customize my tabs by using an app.

Then I watched a great video (I won’t mention all the non-great ones I watched) “How to Add Apps to Your Facebook Fan Page. This video introduced me to Woobox and showed me how to install this app on FB.

Once that was done, it was smooth-sailing. I was able to add the What We Do and Portfolio tabs and get the non-editable tabs out of the way (hidden in the More tab). There is still much for me to work on, but it has been a productive day.