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Easy Way to Take Corn Off the Cob


I’ve tried every gizmo on the market to get corn off the cob prior to freezing. Most leave great chunks of my knuckle mixed in with the corn.

Here is an absolutely slick way to tackle this labor-intensive job. You will need two tools: a bundt cake pan and an electric knife.


  1. Anchor the ear of corn in the open end of the bundt pan’s inner pinnacle.
  2. Using the electric knife, make five or six cuts down the sides of the ear. Keep as close to the cob as you can to get the whole kernel.
  3. As you cut, the kernels fall into the bundt pan. Rotate the bundt pan as you cut to distribute the kernels and maximize the space between emptying.

Last fall, I shucked, de-kerneled, and bagged 7 dozen ears of corn in less than 2 hours!