You’ve bookmarked a zillion Web sites, but how often do you REALLY go back to see what is new? Maybe you have a dozen sites that you semi-regularly check for new content. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you could just tell those sites to send you their new content automatically so you don’t have to remember to do anything? And wouldn’t it be great if all of the new content from all of your favorite sites could arrive in a beautiful daily online magazine? Oh, and FREE would be nice, too.

Feedly does all of this.

Referred to as a “news aggregator,” Feedly does much more than grab the headlines of your favorite newspapers. You can customize Feedly to gather content about ALL the things that interest you. Most blogs and sites that provide consumable information are coded so that Feedly recognizes their “feeds.” For instance, I keep abreast of new technology by reading posts from Lifehacker and several technical writing blogs; I read daily homesteading posts from Backwoods Home Magazine and Mother Earth News. I track sites that address the various medical problems I live with. I get daily recipes from several foodie blogs that I enjoy. Feedly streams content from YouTube channels that I follow. Wired Magazine always posts terrific daily content even if you don’t subscribe to the magazine. And of course, my day wouldn’t be complete without reading a dozen or so LOL Cats.

Whatever interests you, you can find content for Feedly to bring to you. Feedly has a desktop program for your computer and Android and IOS apps for your mobile. Feedly itself operates from the “cloud,” so you can read your stuff wherever you are.

But it is the reading experience itself that makes Feedly so enjoyable. Most sites provide big, beautiful banner graphics that Feedly will display along with the story, making it easy to visually scan the day’s collection to decide which stories you want to read in more detail.

feedly2I let Feedly bring the world to me every day. I never worry about forgetting to check a Web site or missing an important news story. I would not want to be without this tool. Of all the apps that I have on my devices, Feedly is my daily go-to app. Give it a try.

Get it here: http://feedly.com/i/welcome