Coloring can be very stress-reducing. What better place to reduce stress than while waiting in a doctor/dentist office or other place requiring interminably long sitting times. But dragging around a coloring book and crayons or pencils would be a pain. I’ve found a fairly good Android app that you might want to try.

I was curious about how an app would handle color selection and application so I gave a couple of the more popular coloring apps a try. I chose apps designed for adults, not children. The ones I like most were developed by App Labs Games and are FREE. There are several to choose from on Google Play at


…differentiated only by the capital letter in the app’s icon.
D=Secret Garden
M=Mystery Gallery
P=Prominent Paintings
C=Calming Dream Patterns
O=Lost Oceans
E=Enchanted Forest

To apply a color, first select one from the 36 available colors and then touch the drawing where you want the color applied. You won’t get any pleasurable tactile feedback like you experience when pressing down with a crayon or colored pencil; you can’t shade or blend colors. All you can do is apply one color to an area enclosed in a black outline.

I thought I’d find this too infantile, but I surprised myself. Yes, applying color is mechanical (touch, touch, touch, change color, touch, touch, etc.), but the joy of this app comes from selecting a color and then quickly seeing if you like how it looks. If you don’t, there is an Undo button. It doesn’t take long to color a picture, even a fairly complex one. Almost instantaneous gratification, but the result is uniquely your artistic creation. Here’s one I did last night from the Lost Oceans coloring book: