Bird TV

Bullocks_Oriole1.optI didn’t get a thing done today because for hours this female Bullocks Oriole kept hurling herself at my office Windows and pecking at the glass. Occasionally the male would show up and she would run him off. She was obviously very agitated, and it amazed me that her behavior persisted for so long. Finally, I was so concerned about her hurting herself, I soaped the windows, hoping to eliminate the reflection that I assume she was seeing of herself and assuming was a rival Oriole. It helped a little; she settled for handing on the window screen fabric of the side windows that I could not soap. At least she couldn’t hurt herself on the screen.

Bullocks_Oriole2.optThe entertainment wasn’t all outside the window. Three of my six house cats spent their day frantically trying to catch this poor bird that was mere inches away from their noses but oh so far away on the other side of the glass.